5 Skin and Hair Weatherproofing Tips

Ever had a pristine blowout defiled by a freak downpour? Then you'll appreciate weather.com's new Daily Beauty Forecast. With skin and hair advisories such as "chance of frizz" or "chance of dry skin" and product suggestions, this new weather tool will keep you looking good all week long.

5 Skin and Hair Weatherproofing Tips:

1. If the forecast is frizz, try shielding your hair with a flexible hold hairspray or a shine serum to keep humidity from fluffing up cuticles and causing fuzzies.

2. In danger of dry skin? Don't forget to pack lip balm in your purse. Delicate lip skin doesn't have oil glands, so they chap quickly.

3. If it's getting gusty, minimize flyaways with a slicked back bun. Mix a dab of gel into your styling cream to keep hair in check.

4. As temperature and humidity rise, switch to a lighter serum or lotion formula moisturizer and save your heavy cream for elbows and knees.

5. In extreme climate conditions, don't fight Mother Nature. Try a wavy style when it's 100% humidity and save your blowouts for drier days.

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