Kesha Goes Naked on Instagram to Promote Her New Album, 'Gag Order'

The album is out now.

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Kesha is baring it all for her new album, Gag Order! The singer recently shared a completely nude photo on Instagram to promote her new music. She captioned the pic, "The only thing I have on is my album." 

In the photo, she's standing in a river with a photo of her album on her chest. Call it a metaphor since the singer has said that the new album is incredibly vulnerable. 

Her fans were quick to share praise for the photo and music. "Love you my hero. My breakup is so hard to heal from. I'm writing a letter for you for when I meet you in November at the meet & greet.❤️ thank you for always giving me hope," one fan commented on the photo. Another added, "young, wild, and free 🤍✨ Live your best life k xx."

While another wrote, "This album literally is therapy for me 😭."

Kesha said in a June interview with Nylon, "I’m so indescribably grateful to my fans every day. Of course, I try to interact with them on social media as much as possible, but just the support — I feel like I have this family and allyship and little army that really understands and sees me for who I am. I think, in life, one of the things we crave and need is to be seen and heard."

She added, "Pre-TikTok, I found social media super overwhelming and I always loved the connection it brought, but it also brought this unfiltered amount of hatred and animosity. I feel like it's a place where people can say whatever they want, to whomever they want, with reckless abandon. Weeding through that came really hard to me so I had to remove myself entirely from it about 10 years ago, but it's been really fun to go on and connect with my fans."

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