Here's What Lauren Conrad's Been Up to This Summer

This month, the author and designer (above) is guest-blogging for's My Blonde Life program. Here, she shares the secrets of a California girl.

Style for Summer

"I'll sleep with my hair in a topknot, then let it down in the a.m. and touch up the top layer with a curling iron for messy waves."

Hair Helpers

"[Hairstylist] Kristin Ess does my color, and I use the John Frieda Everlasting Blonde shampoo and conditioner to keep it bright so I get more time between appointments."

Swim Fan

Topshop has great suits. I like a bikini bottom and bandeau or triangle top."

Habit That's So L.A.

"Driving short distances. I have no shame— I will get in the car even if it's four blocks away. My New York friends are appalled."

Memorable Scent

"That coconut-y sunscreen smell always reminds me of home."

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