North West Makes Her Modeling Debut—In Chanel!

It was only a matter of time.

CR Fashion Book
CR Fashion Book

North West may have just celebrated her first birthday, but that hasn't stopped her from starting a modeling career—and picking up some serious designer duds along the way. The famous tot appeared in a spread in CR Fashion Book, wearing a Chanel cardigan with a flower pin and carrying a mini quilted Chanel bag. Of course, printed alongside North West's image is a quote from Karl Lagerfeld: "It is never too early to care about fashion." According to Kim, North is already quite the fashionista who has developed her own simplistic sense of style. Kim told Grazia that "She likes sweet things that are not too frilly. She likes to be comfortable." So no long-sleeved floral gowns in North's future it seems.

Whether she's got style or not, North is still most likely clueless now as to the significance (and value!) of what she's wearing, but perhaps she will learn to appreciate high fashion before she outgrows her tiny gear. Her Chanel garb isn't the only thing she has to brag about. She's been gifted shoes from Charlotte Olympia, dresses from Stella McCartney, as well as pieces from Hermès—and that's just what's made an appearance on Kim's instagram. You can see North's full appearance in CR Fashion Book's fall issue, which will be released on September 4.


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