BREAKING: Ray Rice and Janay Rice Break Their Silence

Rice took to her Instagram to call out the media for "hurting" her.

UPDATE: Ray Rice finally breaks his silence in an interview with ESPN, "I have to be strong for my wife," he states. "We have a lot of people praying for us and we'll continue to support each other."

Monday morning, a horrific and very graphic video was leaked with footage of Ray Rice punching his fiancée (now wife), knocking her unconscious, and dragging her through the elevator doors. Soon after, the NFL decided to terminate Rice's contract with the Baltimore Ravens and the public responded with appropriate horror and dismay.

Now, Rice's wife, Janay Rice, has countered via her Instagram. She defends her husband and blames the media for causing her pain in an attempt to "gain ratings." At the end of the day, our stance is and always will be that hitting a woman (or anyone for that matter) is never okay. See below for her thoughts:

Stay tuned for more details as we will be updating this as news breaks.

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