Mockingjay Clip: Katniss Can't Comprehend Seeing Peeta on TV

Your mouth would look like that too if a friend you thought was dead showed up on Letterman.

Nov. 21 is still much too far away for our liking, but the Hunger Games marketing team is laying it on thick enough we've almost stopped scratching tally marks into our cubicle foam.

Their latest offering is this clip from Mockingjay: Part 1, in which Katniss and Gale sit down to eat from cafeteria trays in the most depressing futuristic lunchroom ever. Somehow, TMDFLE still has more televisions than a sports bar, which all broadcast Peeta and Stanley Tucci discussing—what else?—the Quarter Quell.

How does Katniss react to the sight of her long-lost friend/love interest not only breathing but spouting Capitol propaganda? Watch the scene below:

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