Your Mean Internet Comment Might Be in Kendall Jenner's Burn Book

'Kendall Jenner is nothing special.'

kendall jenner burn book
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Though she is, in fact, prostrate on a frilly pink bed in this new, impeccably timed Mean Girls parody, Kendall Jenner isn't going to take online trolling or vitriolic open letters lying down.

The Dazed & Confused cover girl confronts her critics in the video below, which could not be more relevant or cathartic given 1) model Arisce Wanzer's, er, passionate note/English assignment on writing in the second person and 2) what KJ, as a member of a very visible family, must go through every freaking day of her life.

Unlike Regina George, however, Kendall doesn't dissolve into a self-sabotaging cesspool of emotion while she scribbles and glues, not even when she reads, "It's crazy to think North West can already read better than her."

Watch the admirably serene film here.

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