Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's Baby Daughter Is Already Quite the Looker

Some babies have all the luck.

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As the progeny of two genetically gifted beings, Esmeralda Amada Gosling is pretty much a shoe-in for People's Most Beautiful Person of 2039. So it's somewhat of a surprise that in the baby picture mom Eva Mendes recently shared with Ellen DeGeneres, the #Gosbaby more strongly resembles Neil Patrick Harris as Hedwig than either of her parents.

The new mom revealed her daughter's fauxto during Wednesday's episode of Ellen, which, given Mendes' and Gosling's well-documented desire for privacy, was naturally a jokey composite image some staffer with Photoshop skills made.

Mendes was more forthcoming, however, when Ellen called her out as a "liar, liar" for denying her pregnancy in a previous appearance.

"All moms will understand: You're not supposed to tell anybody during your first—well, certainly not the world—in your first trimester," she said. "And my mother didn't even know yet. So that would have been an awkward phone call. 'Hey, mom, did you catch Ellen today?' Um, oops!"

To hear about how exhausted she is and why she's not participating in The Baby Weight Race, watch Mendes' interview below.

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