Lipstick Jungle Premiere Party!

On Thursday night, Marie Claire hosted a swanky cocktail party and the premiere of NBC's hotly-anticipated Lipstick Jungle, written by Sex and the City's Candace Bushnell. Listen in on what our editors said and heard:

"These Lip-tinis are delish. Is that pomegranate juice?"

"Yup—plus Citron, lime

"I saw Andrew McCarthy tonight. My life is complete. He was THE crush of the '80s after Pretty in Pink, and I used to have a giant billboard-sized poster of him. Okay, I still do. I was always waiting for someone to kiss me in the Andrew McCarthy signature way where he puts his hands on your face and pulls you in for a kiss, and it's always passionate, and in the rain. That's my new goal in life: kiss Andrew McCarthy in the rain!"

"Oh my god. That's the guy who plays Toofer on 30 Rock! I'm obsessed with that show! Is it uncouth if we go ask him about Tina Fey?"

"Brooke Shields is taller and tanner in person than I thought. Oh my god she's so gorgeous. Her hair is perfectly curled. It's like that time Rebecca Romijn came in for lunch in our office—they're the kind of women who are so supremely statuesque and beautiful that you can't believe they're human beings and not killer model-bots from the Planet Hotness."

"Tackle that server—she's got the fig-gorgonzola hors d'oeuvres!"

"Did you see the lipstick girls? It's like cigarette girls from the '50s with their trays. Wait, they have different colors? I'm going back for another one…."

"I heard Robert Buckley takes his shirt off in the pilot."

"Hell of a way to start a season."

"He's this show's Smith Jerrod."

"He's way hotter than Smith Jerrod."

"Can we stand closer to him? He's wearing a suit and Converse. Suits and Converse are my kryptonite!"

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