Real Housewives of New York

The other night I sat in front of my TV and watched three hours of the Real Housewives of New York. Yes, three hours. And no, the show isn't that good. I just couldn't bring myself to change the damn channel. I admit I'm as much a sucker for reality shows as the next person—but what kept me watching was more that I couldn't believe real rich people talk about money this much. It seemed like the show (superimposing price tags on their city townhouses and Hamptons mansions) and the cast (literally counting out their hundreds) were working double-time just to convince me that they were in fact wealthy and worthy of my envy. I didn't buy it. In fact, it was only interesting to watch the one character who openly admitted to using people as "connectors" to crawl her way up the social ladder. Albeit a pathetic goal to cop to, her honesty and complete lack of social skills were refreshing and reminded me of the misery of middle-school cliques that this woman seems hell-bent on reliving. And who really wants to watch that? Apparently, I do.

Daily Dishers: What are the cringe-worthy shows can't stop watching?

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