Blake Lively Is Having an Outfit Marathon

Another press tour, another fashion parade.

Blake Lively in three of her looks
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Blake Lively is back at it again with another well-dressed press tour. Making the rounds in New York City to promote All I See Is You, the actress has worn five outfits alone today and if her The Age of Adaline promo tour is any indication, she'll probably go for 10.

Lively started her day in a Brandon Maxwell banana-yellow set.

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Then switched to an elegant Oscar de la Renta column gown complete with a pretty unreal slit.

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After that she opted for a checkered Chanel jumpsuit.

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Then an Annie Hall-style three piece-suit by Michael Kors Collection.

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For her fifth outfit of the day, Lively went with a gorgeous blue dress, a leather coat and floral boots.

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Will she break her 10 outfits in a day record? Looks like she's in it to win it.

This post will be updated as she (inevitably?) wears more outfits.

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