Alexander Skarsgård Has Undergone a Dramatic Transformation

The actor was unrecognizable with his new bald 'do on the red carpet.

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Alexander Skarsgård shocked fans on the red carpet last night as he sported a striking new bald ‘do. The actor—who usually has a full head of hair and even grew it to a mid length to play Tarzan last year—was practically unrecognizable at the opening of the new Louis Vuitton exhibition in New York.

Skarsgård’s look featured a shaved section through the middle, with hair on either side, making him look as if he had aged more than a few years.

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Although he has not publicly commented on his new hairstyle, it is presumably for a new role. The actor is currently working on The Hummingbird Project, in which he stars alongside Jesse Eisenberg and Salma Hayek. The movie follows two traders who go up against their old boss.

This event marked the first time Skarsgård had stepped out with the look, but earlier in the day, he was spotted walking around New York City wearing a woolly beanie.

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