Congratulations: Here Is Ryan Gosling With an Australian Accent

G'day indeed.
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There's probably a rule somewhere that says you're not allowed to hold an Australian awards show without Russell Crowe, so even though the actor is currently filming The Nice Guys in Los Angeles, he still "attended" this week's Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards (aka the AACTAs) via satellite. What Australian viewers weren't expecting was Crowe's very sexy Nice Guys co-star Ryan Gosling, who decided to crash his speech. In a navy suit. With retro facial hair. (Hey girl, the movie takes place in the 1970s.)

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"Ladies and gentleman, you might not recognize him with his clothes on...Ryan Gosling," Crowe jokingly grimaced, before Gosling launched into his best "Australian accent," which included your token "G'day." "It's okay, I'm honorary Australian," he deadpanned. "I lived in New Zealand for like, two years."

Busy filming, a new dad, and still finding the time to be SO SILLY. And hot.

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