The Tiffany Haddish 'SNL' Sketches You Absolutely Have to See


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This week, Tiffany Haddish made history as the first black female stand-up to host Saturday Night Live. While Taylor Swift's performances on the sketch comedy show have received a lot of attention (and mixed reviews), it's important to talk about the fact that Haddish CRUSHED it as host. Here are the sketches you have to see:

Her Monologue

Haddish fangirled about SNL in her monologue, wore an Alexander McQueen gown, and delivered top-quality stand-up.

Tournament Fighter

One of the most laugh-out-loud funny sketches of the night was "Tournament Fighter," which poked fun at gaming and hyper-masculinity with Haddish appearing as an unconventional gaming character.

Lion King Auditions

Haddish delivered flawless Cardi B and Mary J. Blige impressions in this impersonation parade of a sketch.

Whiskers R We

If you're a fan of intentionally-awkward humor, you can't skip Whiskers R We, which pairs Haddish with SNL all-star Kate McKinnon as women who work at a cat rescue.

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