Tour Lena Dunham's New $2.7 Million Los Angeles House

The Girls creator is headed to the West Coast.

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New York City native Lena Dunham is ready to go bicoastal. According to TMZ, the actress, author, and director has her eye on a $2.7 million house just off the Sunset Strip. Although she hasn't closed on the house just yet, it's very close, reports Refinery29. And while Lena has said in the past that L.A. wasn't the "right" place for her, we'll take a guess and say she was charmed by the idea of an actual backyard and a lot more space—which almost every New Yorker lusts after, whether they live in a studio apartment or a luxury condo. The 2,500-square-foot house features three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a guest house, and a pool.

Last December, Dunham also purchased a $4.8 million condo in Brooklyn, so she's probably not moving to the West Coast permanently, so there goes any chance of seeing Hannah Horvath and crew wreaking havoc in Los Angeles. See more photos of the house below. 


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