Kate Middleton Just Repeated an Outfit She Wore All the Way Back in 2014

Princess of recycling fashion.

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Kate Middleton has lovely style fit for a duchess (helpful, since she is one) and obviously has the entire fashion world at her fingertips. But, just like us normals, she occasionally re-wears her outfits.

Which brings us to the coat Kate wore to attend a children's party on December 12:

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Eagle-eyed fans of the Duchess will notice that the Seraphine tweed is pretty familiar. She actually wore it during a trip to New York City with Prince William all the way back in 2014 (AKA ye olden days):

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This isn't the first outfit that Kate has re-worn during her current pregnancy. She wore a black Diane von Furstenberg gown in November, which she'd also been seen in back in 2014.

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