Cardi B Literally Left Jimmy Fallon Speechless on 'The Tonight Show'

As only she could.

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Cardi B stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday and left the seasoned host speechless when she responded to a compliment on the success of her hit single, "Bodak Yellow," with a shimmy and a silly sound.

After a long, gloriously awkward pause in which he tried not to lose it with laughter, Fallon asked the rapper about her stage name (her real name is Belcalis Almanzar) and Cardi B gifted us all with her unique name's origin story.

"My name come from...You know what? My sister name is Hennessy. You know what I'm saying? My sister name is Hennessy, right? So, everybody used to call me Bacardi. So, I always call myself Bacardi, right?" she explained. "Then it was my Instagram name—like Bacardi, Bacardi B—but for some reason, my Instagram kept getting deleted; I think it was Bacardi that had something to do with it so I just shortened it to Cardi B."

Cardi was in peak Cardi B form throughout the entire interview. Perfection.

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