Congratulations, Tom Hardy Brought His Dog to a Red Carpet

Who cares why!

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It's a Friday afternoon before the final blissful holiday weekend of summer. You likely haven't done any work today (or the last two weeks). No one will mind if you imagine curling up with one or both of the creatures you see below.

Tom Hardy is starring in a new action movie, Legend. It's not getting a *ton* of buzz because it's the end of blockbuster season and most of us are tired of espionage and things exploding. But here's a nice way to bring some attention to your new film: bring a dog to the premiere! Hardy was escorted by both his pregnant wife and his dog, Woody, at the event in London last night. 

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The pup sat pretty for several poses—alone with Hardy, with Hardy and his co-star Emily Browning, and then with the whole cast. Emily, we love your dress and everything, but you're being upstaged, let's be real.

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Then here's Woody with the whole cast. Again, are you noticing any of these nice British people? You are not, because there is a puppy present. Puppy means party time. Why don't other movie stars bring fun accessories to red-carpet events? It probably keeps things interesting for the actors, and it definitely helps us get through the painfully slow end of the week. Come back here wittle puppeh face, I wuv your little puppeh face, scruffy butt!

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