Exclusive: Diane Kruger Makes an Emotional Appeal for Your Help Fighting AIDS

The world may have turned its attention to other concerns, but the AIDS epidemic rages on. Here, the Global Fund ambassador shares a moving message.

Diane Kruger talks to children at a Global Fund meeting
(Image credit: The Global Fund/ Deborah Rossouw)

Diane Kruger is, yes, a very busy movie star (work has taken her to Venice, Paris, and Toronto in the past few months alone)—but she's also a newfound ambassador to the Global Fund, and she takes her job raising AIDS awareness just as seriously. 

With global panic about health crises like Ebola, it can feel like the conversation has shifted away from AIDS—but as Kruger discovered on a recent trip to South Africa to see the epidemic firsthand, we're far from beating it back. 

In sub-Saharan Africa, young women are twice as likely to contract HIV as men. Why are these girls in such danger? Kruger bonded with one, Nicolet, and shares her story in this exclusive clip from The Global Fund:

Check MarieClaire.com on Monday to hear more from Kruger about her trip—what she learned and how it changed her. In the meantime, learn about how you can help end AIDS here.

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Kaitlin Menza