Watch Kerry Washington Fangirl Over Pope Francis

Olivia Pope definitely has a thing for the *other* pope.

As Pope Francis's visit to the United States continues on, it seems as though almost every American is caught up in what can only be described as Pope-Mania. Celebrities are no exception, especially not Kerry Washington.

"I think he's so special. I think he's so humble and so focused on service—just really focused on doing good in the world," she said last week, explaining why Pope Francis is her celeb crush. "[He's] not being judgmental, letting God be the judge."

Well, just a few short days later, the actress (who also happens to be a Pope herself—Scandal's Olivia Pope, that is) finally got a first-hand glimpse of her precious pontiff when his motorcade made its way through New York City. And, as she explains it, the encounter with His Holiness was nothing short of a miracle.

"I was at an event last night and in the middle of the red carpet I heard some reporters were missing," she told Stephen Colbert on the Late Show (opens in new tab). "I heard he was three minutes away so I ran away from the red carpet with two crews!"

Washington, who was promoting her Purple Purse (opens in new tab) charity at the moment, couldn't help but take a break to go and check out her main man in all his papal glory. "He was driving by Fifth Avenue. I got to see him driving by in his Fiat! It was very exciting," she added. "Everybody was saying, 'Pope is seeing Pope!'"

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So what happens when one Pope sees another? Take a look below:

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