Just Try to Not Fall in Love With Tom Hiddleston After Seeing His Latest Celeb Impression

If you can avoid getting lost in his dreamy blue eyes long enough to watch it.

Getty Images

"No, I kind of enjoy it. Especially if they do it well. It's great." 

Those are not the words you necessarily want to hear from Robert De Niro before you do your Robert De Niro impression. He's reclining on the couch across from you. He's giving you that look that could be a smile or a scowl. But you're Tom Hiddleston, so even if it's bad, it's still really, really good. 

The Crimson Peaks actor looked De Niro in the eyes on The Graham Norton Show and did his own De Niro impression. And, well, watch it for yourself—try to keep from swooning. 

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