Chris Hemsworth Talks About the Time He Went to Prison and Was Heckled by Inmates

"Yo, come spend some time in my cell baby!"

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When you're as drop-dead gorgeous as Chris Hemsworth, it's hard to fly under the radar. The Aussie actor learned this the hard way while researching a role for the movie Blackhat. Hemsworth checked into a correctional facility to get a feel for the prison life, but we're willing to bet his experience was anything but typical.

"I was researching a film and we had to go in and basically see what the inside of a prison looked like and speak with prisoners who were willing to talk to us," he revealed on The Graham Norton Show.

Unfortunately, he assumed no one would "get" Thor in the prison and proceeded undisguised with his blonde ponytail flowing behind. "I thought, oh they're not going to get Thor in here. They're not going to watch movies... So I assumed that and the moment I started walking through the cells… I just started getting heckled, 'Yo, Thor's here man. Yo Thor, YO THOR! Where's your  hammer, man?!' And I'm trying to like, blend in and research."

His ripped bod didn't do him any favors either. " I was just getting heckled left and right. 'Yo, come spend some time in my cell baby!'"

Nice try, Thor Chris. But hey, at least it wasn't a women's prison he was researching. Imagine the chaos that would've caused…

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