Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Bonded with a Tiny Horse in Edinburgh

He better be invited to the Royal Wedding.

Meghan Markle | ELLE UK
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just arrived in Edinburgh for their first joint official engagement in Scotland, and they were greeted by an adorable Shetland pony name Cruachan.

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Cruachan appeared to be so overwhelmed by meeting royalty, that he tried to nibble affectionately at Prince's Harry's hand. Luckily, Harry showed off some very quick reflexives and dodged his hand away just in time, before playfully berating the pony.

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Harry and Meghan—who wore a Burberry navy blue and dark green tartan coat for the occasion—will be spending their visit learning more about organizations that work in the local community and nationwide, and celebrating youth in the Scottish Year of Young People 2018.

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The royal couple will marry at Windsor Castle on May 19, and we're hoping Cruachan might make a appearance. Please?

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