Jennifer Lawrence Is Scared of Alien Invasions, Like, Actually

She also talks puke and rally makeouts and getting "like Lindsay Lohan-grade exhaustion."

On last night's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Jennifer Lawrence pondered the big questions with Colbert, asking things like "Do you think we can ever truly be happy?" "What is your biggest regret?", and "Are the colors I see the same colors you see?" Watch the clip above for their laugh-out-loud, deadpan responses.

Lawrence also talks about her reputation as the most relatable celeb in Hollywood and when her Kentucky-bred Southern accent comes out, does a spot-on Robert De Niro impersonation, and denies her pal Amy Schumer's claims that she's the  "ideal hottest version" of Schumer. "I don't think it makes sense. She's got a sweet little ass, great tits!" Lawrence says. We promise all eight minutes of it is worth watching. 

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