Actually, Amy Schumer Did Not Find Her New Boyfriend on That Feminist Dating App

Still a great app, though.

Instagram/Ben Hanisch

Update, 1/7: Just kidding! Amy Schumer did not, in fact, meet her new BF on Bumble. But we're still big fans of the app—and we're willing to bet Amy is, too. 

Original story, 1/7: Everyone is obsessed with Amy Schumer's new boyfriend, furniture designer and IRL Aidan from  Sex and the City  Ben Hanisch.  So how did she get so lucky? It turns out that just like you, Amy dates online. Only she's not using Tinder—she's using an app that puts women in control of the online dating game. 

E! News reports Amy met Ben through Bumble, a dating app that is designed to take some of the creep factor out of online dating by putting women in total charge. Men that use the app cannot message a woman unless she is the one to make the first contact.  

"The woman always makes the first move, and if she doesn't say something to a new connection within 24 hours, that connection disappears forever," the app's website states. (Same-sex connections allow either person to make initial contact, in case you're wondering.) The app was designed by a woman named Whitney Wolfe, who worked at Tinder employee and filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against them and CMO Justin Mateen. Wolfe has compared Bumble to a Sadie Hawkins dance, where the girls ask the boys to the dance.

So that means Amy was the one who saw Ben's picture and reached out to him. (I wonder what he must have thought to see a famous comedian checking him out!) Everything seems to have worked out really well for her so far. Here's to ladies making the first move in 2016!

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