People Are Slamming Ciara for What She Wore While Singing the National Anthem

This is just ridiculous. 

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Ciara just delivered a stunning performance of the National Anthem before Monday night's College Football Championship game. This should be a time for everyone to talk about what an incredible job she did tackling a hard song, but because Ciara is a woman in public, people have to attack how she is dressed and shame her for having breasts. Of course.

Ciara wore this white gown for her special performance (looks like capes really aren't going anywhere soon). 

But because there is a small visible portion of her cleavage, Ciara is destroying society and scarring children for the rest of their lives. At least, according to these people. 

UGH. *Rubs forehead at yet another pointlessly sexist tweet that stupidly blames women for being objectified.*

The tweets continue like this. 

What "nudity" is he even talking about? Unless I'm mistaken, that triangle cleavage-y thing is even covered up by sheer fabric. There's nothing shocking or scandalous about that dress unless you are an Amish nun who has never seen the human body, ever. 

This guy has a three-year-old who knows how to use "inappropriate" correctly in a sentence but calls breasts "bumps." 

There's more. 

So let's get this straight—it's "inappropriate" (according to a three-year-old and some other football fans) for a woman to be seen showing cleavage a sporting event but not for grown men to beat each other violently for a few hours to win a trophy? OK. 

Not everyone was buying that, though. 

Meanwhile, none of those people seemed to have a problem with all the cheerleaders dressed like this:

Which, again, no one should have a problem because there's nothing harmful or dangerous to kids or anyone else about these outfits. 

Ciara, meanwhile, is enjoying every moment of her time at the event. 

This has been your daily reminder that women's breasts will not destroy the world, no matter what angry people on Twitter try to tell you. 

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