New York Judge Refuses to Free Kesha from Dr. Luke Contract

Kesha reportedly sobbed when the ruling was made.

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Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Shirley Kornreich ruled on Friday that Kesha will remain in contract with Sony and Dr. Luke, Page Six reports. Kesha, who apparently "burst into sobs" during the hearing, is suing the music producer for alleged sexual and emotional abuse. Kesha, who's been in a contract with Dr. Luke (whose real name is Luke Gottwald) since 2005, previously claimed that his alleged abuse led her to having eating disorders. With Friday's ruling, Kornreich says the singer would not be under any obligation to have contact with Dr. Luke for any future recordings. As Page Six notes, the judge said in court that Kesha is "being given the opportunity to record" and "does not have to have any interface at all with Mr. Gottwald in recording or producing." Kesha's attorney claimed that the star had "been on ice for two years" because of her recording contract. "His end game here is to destroy her," he added.

Meanwhile, as BuzzFeed's Mary Georgantopoulous tweeted from the hearing, a Sony attorney said, "Our interest is in her success. Our interest is in Dr. Luke's success. They are not in the least bit mutually exclusive." 

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