Anna Paquin on That Time Her Breasts Were Accidentally Shown on BBC

She has a lot of thoughts.

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Remember last summer when BBC accidentally showed footage of a True Blood sex scene starring Anna Paquin who was most definitely naked? Legendary. But in the event that you missed this hilarious moment, here's the deal: A BBC employee was watching True Blood at work (fair enough) while Nightly News was recording their show—and Paquin's sex scene ended up making the shot.

Paquin tweeted about the moment when it happened, and had even more musings to impart during a recent appearance on Conan.

"I was quite excited that somebody had brought this to attention, but also I was then like, 'Holy shit, those are my tits!' Retweet," she said. "And people thought it was funny. But they’re mine. I was like, I have to reclaim my own boobs. Come on! Like, free the nipple or whatever."

"Basically what seems to have happened is some person who works for the network was watching with their headphones on, but there’s a glass partition between the [bullpen] and I guess they didn’t really think about it," Paquin continued. “But what it went out as was that the BBC was broadcasting porn, and people were asking to have their license yanked and various things."

So good.

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