Here's the Bizarre Stacey Dash Oscars Moment No One Saw Coming


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In Chris Rock's gifted hands, the Academy Awards have so far been heavy on the #OscarsSoWhite jokes. That's one reason it was a shock when he brought out Stacey Dash, Fox News commentator and vocal critic of the Oscars boycott, Black History Month, and BET. Chris introduced her as the new "director of our minority outreach program," to which Stacey replied, "I cannot wait to help my people out. Happy Black History Month!"

Stacey seemed to anticipate that people might not understand why she was there, and tweeted out a blog post about herself almost as soon as her bit was over. "You might be watching the Oscars and wondering why someone named Stacey Dash just walked across the stage," she wrote. "Well, I'm Stacey—with an 'e'—and it's nice to meet you." She then goes on to say she believes in the importance of diversity in Hollywood with respect to both race and politics, and says "ideological diversity is much harder, because it forces everyone to come face to face with actual beliefs."

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