Kate Beckinsale's Butt Cheek Prank Is Insane and Hilarious

Bow down to the master.

Who knew Kate Beckinsale pulled the prank to end all pranks? On The Graham Norton Show, the actress explained that inspiration struck when she was in a hotel room with a male companion who had the bad luck of falling asleep before her. And, as she says, closing your eyes when Kate Beckinsale is nearby will never end well.

Feeling uninspired by some of her recent sleep prank antics like gluing beards on people and drawing tattoos, Beckinsale said, "I was still after the rush."

And so, spotting a small piece of chocolate from turn down service, she gently, lovingly, tucked a the chocolate between her companion's butt cheeks where it could melt overnight. Although Kate thought that the victim would discover her prank before leaving for work, to her luck and his dismay, he was in a rush to leave and did not discover her dastardly deed until he was at the office.

Fellow actress Emilia Clarke seemed endlessly amused by the tale, and so were we.