Ciara Wears a Glittery Naked Dress to the Billboard Music Awards

So sheer! So sparkly!

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Tonight, Ciara walked the Billboard Music Awards red carpet in Las Vegas in a super sparkly—and super sheer—gown. The gorgeous halter neck number featured some strategic layering, doubling up on the sparkly fabric in key areas:

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But the nakedness didn't stop there! The dress also had a high leg slit and a dramatic open back:

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And, of course, a cut out for the abs... because when you have abs like Ciara's yes, you want to show them off:

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The whole look is reminiscent of Britney Spears' "Toxic" sparkle bodysuit: Naked, but not actually naked. Kind of like if you rolled around in crystals and glittery beads immediately getting out of the shower.

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She left her makeup look simple and glowy and wore her hair in gorgeous curls.

Basically just killing it, Ciara:

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