Watch Blue Ivy, Six-Year-Old Queen, Scold Her Grandmother, Tina Knowles

Beyoncé and Jay-Z's daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, sets the rules in this new video her grandmother posted in Paris. Watch it here.

Blue Ivy Carter, six-year-old descendant of Beyoncé's throne, was caught on camera hilariously scolding her grandmother, Tina Knowles. Yesterday, Beyoncé's mom posted a video admiring the beauty and architecture of a Paris theater—you know, the usual.

But there's one person who didn't think that was appropriate. While the video is rolling a soft voice (presumably Blue Ivy's) appears in the background, "You're not supposed to take any videos, Grandma! You're not supposed to!"

This isn't the first time Blue has set the ground rules. At the 2018 Grammy's (opens in new tab), she told her mother and father to calm down while they were applauding a performance during the award show. Though Blue made the rules clear this time around, her grandma still decided to film the theater, which is really the only #content we need.


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