Camila Mendes Says Charles Melton Called Her to Apologize for Those Awful Fat-Shaming Tweets

"I know that that’s not who he is."

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Riverdale actor Charles Melton, who took over the role of Reggie in Season 2) recently came under fire for a series of fat-shaming tweets that were posted in 2012, and he's officially apologized to his co-star Camila Mendes.

To rewind just a hot sec, the tweets in question involved Charles fat-shaming women, and included comments like "Fat chicks need to understand that wearing yoga pants is a privilege, not a right."

Charles already issued a public apology, but apparently he also called up Camila.

"He was devastated—he felt really sorry about it and he called me personally and, you know, he said, with everything that I stand for, he said 'I'm really sorry,'" she told Access. "I know Charles, I know he’s not actually a bad person. And I think it’s a matter of sometimes you tweet something a long time ago and they’re buried in there and they come out, and it sucks, and I do not agree with anything he said or support those statements, but I know that that’s not who he is."

Mehera Bonner
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