Meghan Markle's Old Acting Résumé and Headshot Have Been Unearthed

Meghan Markle's old acting résumé and headshot were shared by a management company she contact about representing her early in her career.

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You might not know this, but before Meghan Markle (opens in new tab) was a Duchess, she was an actress. Oh, you did know that? Because literally everyone knows that? Got it.

Well, once again, Meghan's acting career (opens in new tab) is the gift that keeps on giving. Most recently, the British press (opens in new tab) have honed in on a Facebook post from Endorse Management Group (opens in new tab) that reveals Meghan's old headshot and acting résumé.

Along with the headshot and résumé, someone from Endorse Management Group wrote a Facebook post (opens in new tab) (originally published in late May, ahead of Meghan's royal wedding (opens in new tab) to Prince Harry) revealing that, in spite of their best efforts, they weren't able to get the agency to sign the actress back in her pre-Suits days. The poster wrote: 

First, take a look at Meghan's old headshot, which shows the former actress looking gorgeous and natural, with her hair pulled back in her still-signature low bun (opens in new tab):

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The post also revealed Meghan's very old acting résumé (opens in new tab), from back before she booked her breakout role on Suits. At the time the résumé was submitted, her only film credit (opens in new tab) was in the Ashton Kutcher movie A Lot Like Love, in which she played Natalie the "Hot Chick" (sigh). 

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Meghan gave up her acting career when she decided to marry into the royal family, but the move gave her a chance to focus on another passion: charity work (opens in new tab). As Duchess of Sussex (opens in new tab), Meghan has already written a best-selling charity cookbook (opens in new tab) and started work with the Commonwealth Youth Forum (opens in new tab)Heads Together (opens in new tab), and Harry's Invictus Games (opens in new tab).


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