Twice Brie Larson Has Had to Give Casey Affleck an Award, and Twice She's Been Not Thrilled About It

The longtime advocate for victims of sexual assault didn't even clap last night.

Last night, Brie Larson presented Casey Affleck with his Oscar for Best Actor, and she did not look happy about it. As a longtime advocate for victims of sexual assault, it's likely that Larson wasn't thrilled about handing over an award to a man who's been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment and violence. And sadly, it's not the first time she's had to do this.

At Sunday night's ceremony, Larson announced Affleck's name with downcast eyes and pursed lips, then stood to the side and didn't clap as the rest of the audience applauded his win. Earlier this year, she also had to present Affleck with a Best Actor award at the Golden Globes, where her reaction was similarly unenthused.

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As a reminder, Affleck has been accused by two women, both who had worked on his films, of sexual harassment and abuse. As outlined by the Daily Beast (opens in new tab), Amanda White, who served as a producer on I'm Still Here, said Affleck verbally abused her, made a male crew member take off his pants and show her his penis, and once grabbed her and threatened her for not wanting to stay in the same hotel room as him. White resigned from the film.

Magdalena Gorka, who worked as a director of photography on the film, said that while the entire crew was sleeping in one apartment while filming in New York, she woke up to find Affleck in the bed next to her in his underwear. He pressured her when she tried to kick him out. Both women say Affleck refused to honor parts of their contracts after they rejected him.

Larson wasn't the only one who appeared to not be thrilled with Affleck's win. When Affleck gave a shoutout to Denzel Washington in his acceptance speech, Washington put on (opens in new tab) his best "get my damn name out of your mouth" face. And Viola Davis was definitely not having it.

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Will all this animosity lead to fewer roles and opportunities for Affleck? Probably not (opens in new tab). But let Larson's body language express everything you wish you could.

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