Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Water-Frolic on Jet Skis During Romantic Miami Vacation

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx continued their romantic getaway in Miami with a Jet Ski date on Saturday. The couple have been together for more than four years, but are very private about their relationship and rarely spotted in public together.

Few Hollywood couples are more private and low-key than Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx. The actors have reportedly been dating for four and a half years now, but they're rarely seen together and never talk about their relationship.

That's what makes the couple's current romantic getaway in Miami such a rare and wonderful treat. Holmes and Foxx have been spotted out and about together twice in the span of two days, which is kind of like seeing Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster during the same weekend.

On Friday, the pair set sail on a superyacht called the Utopia III, and were photographed engaging in some very, very rare PDA (even rarer than a sighting of Holmes and Foxx together in public? A sighting of them behaving in overtly couple-y ways in public).

According to a People source, however, this might become a more regular occurrence:

“Their relationship seems so much more serious this year. Katie and Jamie keep having public dates, and although they try to not be photographed together, they are clearly not as concerned about keeping their relationship private."

And, added another People source:

"Katie always acts super-excited and giddy when Jamie is around. They are very cute together."

Those loved up vibes were on full display Saturday, when the couple hit the waves for a Jet Ski date (pictures here and here, if you want to see the adorable date yourself). Katie took the lead on the adventurous day date, riding in front of Jamie and beaming like she's never been happier in her life.

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