Are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Looking for a Family Home in California?

The last time Meghan Markle was publicly in the U.S. for her baby shower, American fans were thrilled to be on the same continent as her. Well, now we might get the experience more often, according to sources talking to The Sun: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry (plus the new addition) might come to the States to live part-time.

The last time Meghan Markle was publicly in the U.S. for her baby shower, American fans (myself included) were thrilled to even be on the same continent as her. Well, now we might get the experience more often, according to sources talking to The Sun: Meghan and Prince Harry might buy a house in the United States.

According to one source, "Meghan definitely wants a place in Los Angeles—she loves the city, the lifestyle and climate.

"Ultimately, she is a California girl and can breathe easier there. Hollywood is in her DNA and I think it is where she has always wanted to keep a solid footing.

"Spending time there would also allow her some freedom and independence from both the Palace and the Press—and more control over her life and the people around her.

"She is a duchess in the UK, but could be a queen in LA."

That last bit made me lol a little bit—like, really? She's going to somehow be more important outside the country where she's literally royalty? (And does she care??) Also, given how many reporters work in the L.A. area, I can't imagine her life would be more private. As in, I imagine she wouldn't be able to just go grab a bite to eat without being mobbed with photographers, unless she were very, very careful. So if the source is right, she's probably thinking more about being close to her mom and having a home base to connect with local friends.

And in fact, another source said, "Meghan is very close to her mother and will want to be able to share quality time with her in her home town. She also has friends in LA with babies and will want to have that interaction and bring up her child in a less restrictive environment—similar to how she grew up." That would include her BFF and stylist Jessica Mulroney, with whom Meghan is super close.

"They’re not looking to buy anywhere just yet as they’ve only just finished the renovations on Frogmore Cottage. But they’re definitely eyeing up a place in California," adds another source. Also she has to, you know, give birth and recover, which still hasn't happened yet apparently. So chances are that this won't happen for a little while, if the news is true.

This also comes shortly after the report that Harry and Meghan may live in Africa for several months out of every year (a.k.a. a potential secondment), which Buckingham Palace didn't deny. So there might be a lot of travel coming up for the new family.

Meghan has been channeling her California roots a lot—through clean living and exercise, which she's been reportedly passing on to Harry, and also through the causes she supports.

So this would totally be in line with Meghan's passions. Ooooh this is so exciting. Can you even imagine? The new house would be spectacular.

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