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Buckingham Palace Is Having a Makeover and the Before-and-After Photos Are Wild

The total cost of renovations is estimated to be $490 million.

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  • The Queen's residence, Buckingham Palace, is currently being renovated, and a lot of changes are taking place.
  • The royal family's official Twitter account shared before-and-after photos of the renovations that have taken place so far.
  • Over 3,000 artworks have been moved out of the palace's East Wing to allow renovation work to get started, and the rooms look so different.

    Buckingham Palace is currently undergoing some major changes.

    The royal family's official website confirmed, "As reservicing works continue at Buckingham Palace, thousands of Royal Collection items are being removed from The East Wing to allow for essential renovations to take place next spring."

    The Times confirmed in June 2018 that the renovations were set to cost around £369 million (around $490 million). Now that they're finally underway, we're getting a glimpse of Buckingham Palace without all of its incredible decor.

    The royal family's official Twitter account even shared a photo of the changes that have taken place, and it's pretty dramatic:

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    Captioning the before-and-after photos, the royal family's Twitter account wrote, "Recently, @RCT have removed all objects from #BuckinghamPalace’s East Wing, including over 3,000 works of art. Shown here is the Principal Corridor, home to the Centre Room, which leads onto the historic balcony – used by the Royal Family on national occasions."

    According to Travel + Leisure, "the move included 200 paintings, 40 chandeliers, 100 mirrors, 30 clocks, and more." The move will also see around 150 pieces returned to Brighton's Royal Pavilion where they will go on display.

    In fact, The Times notes that "Priceless furniture, paintings and tapestries will be moved to other wings, transferred to other palaces, lent to exhibitions or placed in commercial storage," predicting that up to 10,000 items will be temporarily displaced as the work is carried out. And I thought I had a lot of stuff.

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    The Times reported, "Electrical cabling dating back to the 1940s has already been replaced and asbestos discovered in the west attic is being removed. The refurbishment was initially estimated to cost £150 million but that figure had more than doubled by 2016." Clearly, this is set to be a huge project for the royal family.

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