Running in Heels Episode 2 Recap

If you've been too busy switching in your spring wardrobe to catch the first episode about the hardest-working glossy around, catch up with our 60-second recaps of Running in Heels, then flip to The Style Network every Sunday at 8/7c

EPISODE TWO: : "Intern Wars"

WHAT YOU MISSED: MC's determined interns get back to business in the Hearst Tower. But when the editor-in-chief throws the bright-eyed bunch a critical project with only five days in which to do it, can the unseasoned trio rise to the challenge? (Judging from the brutal evaluation at the end of the episode, they've got a ways to go.) Meanwhile, frantic editors scramble to set up remote offices in Milan and Paris for the European shows (14 a day!), which means five costume changes daily for the editor-in-chief - high drama as her stylist gets her packed.

BONUS FEATURE: Interns have a tense tête--tête with Executive Editor Lucy Kaylin on the importance of professionalism - and punctuality. (We're looking at you, Ashley!)


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