Here Are Photos of Jamie Dornan Looking Hot While Playing Golf

With one very, uh, interesting detail.

Jamie Dornan recently took part in the Irish Open Pro-Am golf tournament in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Jamie Dornan just loves golfing, remember! If Christian Grey loved golf half as much as Jamie does IRL, then that Fifty Shades scene where he's like, "Okay, Anastasia, I'll show you my secret kink room but no giggling," would have him opening the door to the Red Room and, instead of a BDSM sexscape, it's a MINI GOLF COURSE!! Literally find me a man with an indoor mini golf course, please. (An indoor version of Fantasia Fairways specifically, thxvm.)

So, here are some photos of Jamie playing golf and looking hot:

Getty Images
Getty Images
This face suggests he knows his shot went a bit wrong, maybe? IDK, IDK, sports, lol.
Getty Images
OK, this face DEFINITELY means something went awry though.
Getty Images

And because he is a beautiful famous person, Jamie also kindly posed for some selfies with his fans on the course:

Getty Images

Look at that "ho, but make it fashion" hunched-back pose! (And that nonchalant sex face, urgh.) Someone's clearly not forgotten everything from his days as a male model, you know?

Jamie also posed for some professional photos, to promote the event and Northern Ireland in general, because I mean, what's not to love about that tourism campaign!? Here he is with fellow actor and golf fan James Nesbitt, and wait also here he is with a huge (strange?) (disconcerting?) bulge thing happening???

I'm going to leave further analysis of the protuberance to the Daily Mail, because quite frankly their study of the sitch at hand (I wish) is perfect:

Jamie Dornan once again set pulses racing as he posed for a seemingly innocent snap for the Northern Ireland tourism board earlier this week. The Irish actor, 35, looked on fine form as he stood in front of the coastal landscape—but instead on focusing on the views, fans were quick to note his 'bulge.'Jamie, who donned a dark navy top and grey trousers, cut a brooding figure as he posed against the stunning backdrop...but the very tight fit of his trousers in the snap uploaded to the tourism board's Twitter account seemed to take prominence. Social media users couldn't peel their eyes away from Jamie's lower region.

Also, that Daily Mail article currently has this sexy number of shares and I'M NOT EVEN APOLOGIZING A LITTLE BIT for noticing. Okay, sorry, Mom, but otherwise, here we all are:

Now, here's the tweet/photo in question from Northern Ireland's tourism board's Twitter feed, and for some reason poor James Nesbitt didn't make the cut:

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Compared with basically every other @DiscoverNI tweet, it's doing far better in terms of engagement—with literally hundreds of replies fawning over Jamie's beauty and/or that bulge and, oh, you know, one guy who is just annoyed there's no car access to the beach in the background. There's always that one guy!

In conclusion, all that social media hysteria is perhaps misplaced because it's clear that Jamie just forgot to take a golf ball out of his pocket, but also in conclusion, it might be a Ben wa ball, so maybe not?

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