Chrissy Teigen Responds to Butt Meme, Body Shaming on Twitter With Epic Clapback

Did the trolls really think they were gonna win this one?

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  • Bring the Funny judge Chrissy Teigen responded to body-shamers on Twitter.
  • Several Twitter users shared a photo of Chrissy and her husband John Legend on vacation, poking fun at John's apparent disgust with a Chrissy butt meme.
  • Chrissy clapped back, saying, "It's been 13 years and he knew the first night we met :)".

    Nothing will get in the way of Chrissy Teigen speaking her mind, not even a temporary Twitter outage. (Btw, she side-stepped that by posting her thoughts to Instagram, until the social media platform was back up and running.)

    But, before Twitter went on the fritz yesterday, the model, cookbook author, and Bring the Funny judge had puh-lenty to say to trolls circulating a paparazzi photo online.

    The pic in question shows John Legend and Chrissy in a bathing suit holding their son, Miles, on vacation. Both are in a hot tub, with John sitting and squinting in Chrissy's general direction as she's standing up.

    A Twitter user, who has since switched to a private profile, got everything started by turning the candid snap into a meme: "When it suddenly hits you that your lady doesn't have any ASS."

    Chrissy clapped back with a tweet: "It's been 13 years and he knew the first night we met :)"

    Mic drop, right? Not so fast. Usually, all it takes is one Chrissy clapback to knock out the naysayers. However, in an unexpected game of whack-a-troll, more haters popped up in the OG poster's place, sharing the original paparazzi pic with the caption, "I’m f***in crying bruh."

    Chrissy continued her Twitter retorts: "his face, looking at my ass, so nah. I see the comments you know. still enjoy you."

    "Everyone so used to ass shots and photoshopped Instagrams," she added. "I’ve had no ass forever. Is this new news to some of you?" Boom.

    Just goes to show that the first rule of trying to come for Chrissy Teigen is and always will be: Don't.

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