J. Lo Might Have Just Told A. Rod Exactly What She Wants for Their Wedding

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    • While she was there, she snapped a totally idyllic beach scene, tagging Alex Rodriguez. Is it a hint as to what she's looking for in their upcoming wedding? I hope so, because it's utterly gorge.

        Jennifer Lopez is on the international leg of her "It's My Party Tour," and is currently having an absolute blast in Antalya, Turkey. While she was there, she stopped at a beach with some gorgeous decorations—tagging fiancé A. Rod as she panned over the scene (it's from her Instagram Stories). Is she just showing him the sights/telling him she misses him? Perhaps, but I actually wonder if it has a more pointed reason: This looks like the perfect place to get married.

        I mean, just look at the heart-shaped structure, surrounded by palm trees. That absolutely looks like the perfect setting for a beach wedding. Knowing them, we'll get photos and videos of the whole thing—J. Lo said it's happening sometime next year—and it would be a trend, since A. Rod actually proposed to J. Lo on a beach as well. This even looks similar to the exact shot they shared of A. Rod getting down on one knee. Also, just let it be said that I am fully speculating here, but I love this for both of them.

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        Here are stills from the video:

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        A beach wedding, with pics? Yes please.

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