Sarah Hyland’s Followers Are Fuming Over a Photo of Wells Adams Grabbing Her Boobs

This is...messy.

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  • Sarah Hyland posted a photo to Instagram of Wells Adams grabbing her boobs, and some of her Instagram followers are extremely upset.
  • They called her a hypocrite—which feels very unfair.

    Oh, Instagram. You never fail to surprise us. This week, Modern Family star Sarah Hyland posted a goofy photo that she took with her friends and her fiancé, Bachelor in Paradise star Wells Adams. In the picture, Adams is standing behind her and grabbing her boobs while she makes a funny face. Her other friends did varying degrees of the same pose. Hyland captioned it, “We take wedding photo booths very seriously... #mcm to the men who love and treat their ladies like queens 👸🏻 💕.”

    It was adorable and all in good fun! And considering Sarah posted the picture on her own Instagram account, one can assume that she consented to the boob-grabbing. Unfortunately, some of her followers are mad about it, and are claiming that she's a hypocrite and promoting “patriarchal gender relations.”

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    It’s pretty rough, and this is just a taste of what she’s dealing with right now:

    “Like queens = like objects? The dissolution of patriarchal gender relations can’t come soon enough.”
    “In times of gender balance and women’s rights and respect, we still see pics like this... we are not moving forward with such mentalities.”

    Shockingly, another follower seemed to reference how Hyland's own experience with sexual assault, calling her a hypocrite and a “leftist queen of the Me Too movement.” Unfortunately, they sorely missed the point: This picture was consensual. Sexual assault is not.

    The good news: A bunch of people came to Hyland's defense and encouraged her to keep having fun with her friends. They countered:

    “Y’all need to look up what the word ‘consent’ means lmao.”
    “I’m a [true] believer of equality and respect. And this picture is funny with consensual behavior. Good for you. Have fun.”
    “They are just having fun! #noonegothurtduringthisphotoshoot.”
    “Do you even know what the MeToo campaign was about, these women are consenting to this photo. Know the difference. SMDH.”
    “This is truly funny and sweet, there is nothing wrong with your s.o. loving your body and being playful. Y’all are relationship goals!”

    Seriously. Leave Hyland and Adams alone.

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