Did Giuliana Rancic Just Called Kirsten Dunst "Jennifer Aniston"?

Well, this is awkward.

Kirsten Dunst
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The official Golden Globes ceremony hasn't even started yet, and there's already some seriously awkward stuff going down on the red carpet. Most recently, Giuliana Rancic might have just called Kirsten Dunst by Jennifer Aniston's name. Let's investigate!

If you watch the below video, you can see exactly how it all goes down. Ryan Seacrest finishes his interview with Aniston and says he's going to toss it to Giuliana. Then, Rancic says, "My favorite actress, Jennifer Aniston, nominated tonight!"

One problem: She's standing with Kirsten Dunst.

It's incredibly awkward, honestly. Dunst handled it like a pro. It doesn't look like she even flinched at the mixup, which makes me think...If you rewatch the clip, Rancic's lips don't match whatever the voiceover is saying. It looks like there was a technical difficulty, because she and Seacrest are obviously on different feeds.

That doesn't really matter in the eyes of the internet, though, because people are still talking about it on Twitter.

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We'd venture to guess that Rancic's does actually know Dunst's name. I mean, who doesn't know Kirsten Dunst? Especially because Giuliana did mention Kirsten's nomination later on in the interview.

There are a lot of uncomfortable red carpet moments, but we're chalking this one up to bad technology. Either way, it's hilarious.

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