Prince Harry and Prince William Had a "Showdown" About Meghan Markle's 'Vogue' Cover

There was "another classic Harry explosion."

  • Prince Harry and Prince William had a "showdown" about Meghan Markle's "Forces for Change" issue of Vogue UK.
  • The royals reportedly felt the issue wasn't impartial.

Remember when Meghan Markle guest edited an entire issue of British Vogue called "Forces for Change," and it was all extremely cool and impressive and there was nothing to complain about? Yeah, about that.

Apparently Prince William wasn't on board—at least, according to royal historian Robert Lacey in his new book Battle of the Brothers, which, to be honest, refuses to stop spilling tea. This thing is basically a faucet. Anyway, according to the book, via The Mirror, some of the royals weren't pleased that content in the "Forces for Change" issue wasn't impartial, and William and Harry had a "showdown" when they talked about it.

Per The Mirror, Lacey claims that literally no one knows what exactly went down during this conversation, but that it was "another classic Harry explosion, followed by a further, even deeper rift." Like, to the point where Harry and Meghan didn't join the royals in Balmoral that summer. Yikes.

As a reminder, Prince Harry is set to be visiting the royal family over the holidays—so hopefully he can put some of this lingering drama to bed.

Mehera Bonner
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