The Filter

It's a twofer kind of month: Everything's pulling double duty, starting with campy double bill Grindhouse. Think two flicks in one-Planet Terror, directed by Sin City auteur Robert Rodriguez, and Death Proof, directed by Kill Bill guy Quentin Tarantino and starring Zoë Bell. Double the plotlines, double the gore! Then there's Blades of Glory, a figure-skating comedy-pairs, of course-that turns Will Ferrell and Jon Heder into the sport's first male partners.

On the other end of the spectrum, in Premonition Sandra Bullock wrestles with two scenarios: Did her husband die in a car crash or didn't he? And busy, busy Hilary Swank plays a professor in The Reaping fighting not one, not two, but 10 biblical plagues!

Want to double your music pleasure? The Pierces, two hot sisters, take the hipster-folk genre by storm with Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge, a catchy-as-hell album that sounds like a fairy-tale sound track gone awry. Meanwhile, the two bros of Good Charlotte drop Good Morning Revival, a more grown-up but still too-slick group of pop-punk tunes best left for Top 40.

If J.LO's album en Español, Como Ama Una Mujer, is too telenovela for you, check out Femme, Femme, Femme (the New Orleans Museum of Art's collection on loan from the museums of France), an exhibit so nice, they named it thrice.

Too continental? Bring it back to Jersey for the second half of The Sopranos' final season-an event so epic, they split it in, yes, two. Bada bing!

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