MC Cheatsheet: DJ Tanner Fully Supports the Olsens & Betsey Johnson Turns 68


Anna: "I know Mary-Kate Olsen, our gorge September cover girl, doesn't necessarily love discussing her Full House days, but isn't it sweet that DJ Tanner is so supportive of M-K and Ashley's fashion career? Deej!" The Frisky

Katie: "Happy birthday to the biggest Johnson of all time — Betsey! 68, looking great, and still cartwheeling! " NY Mag

Sophia: "Click at your own risk on this story about a woman who got into a drunken fight with her boyfriend, then used her stiletto heel to stab him in the eye." Lemondrop

Jihan: "There's a LOST epilogue!" Vulture

Kate: "'That one designer with the bangs' (also known as Erin Fetherston) chats with fans on Twitter. Good work staying under the character count, girl." StyleList

Koryn: "Sequins are confusing and could possibly protect you from bullets. I have been saying this forever!" The Gloss

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