MC Cheatsheet: Bill O'Reilly Attacks Jennifer Aniston for Dads Everywhere


Sophia: "Latest Bill O'Reilly target: Jennifer Aniston? Really?" dlisted

Jessica: "Sasha Grey's full-frontal was quite possibly the best thing to happen to Entourage the last three seasons." Lemondrop

Jihan: "Fascinating look at the oil spill — the worst might be yet to come." Mother Jones

Lauren: "In Massachusetts, new moms versus the bottom line. (Guess who wins.)" Salon

Anna: "Wait, is Justin Bieber even old enough to have zits?" Videogum

Kate: "The most exciting 'weather' forecast I've seen in a loooong time. Hint: It involves Meteorologists Cera and Schwartzman." The Frisky

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