MC Cheatsheet: Sesame Street Takes on Katy Perry and True Blood

Abigail: "Katy Perry's boobs get her in trouble with Sesame Street." MTV

Anna: "On a related note … The geniuses at Sesame Street (yes, I said geniuses) are back with a new adult-TV-drama parody — this time, True Blood. Or should I say True Mud?" Flavorwire

Kate: "And in other Katy Perry news, the fashionably unafraid star is strutting her nearly-naked stuff in a new trend: bridal bikinis!" Aisle Dash

Jessica: "How does Jordan Catalano look so much like Andre from the first season of The Real World?" Jezebel

Katie: "A model fell at the Burberry spring show. Big whoop. What's funny is that it sounds like 'subtlety' is being sung over and over to accompany the runway-plant and even more awkward effort to stand up." dlisted

Erin: "There's so much wrong with this, let alone the fashion choice, I don't know where to begin." Huffington Post

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