MC Cheatsheet: Lauren Conrad Takes on Kitten Heels and Jorts


Sophia: "LC's back! Her PSA-parody, to promote her new book, has me missing The Hills big time." Jezebel

Katie: "Model fight! That's one way to get that 'smoky eye' look." Racked

Jen: "The 33 Chilean miners who have been trapped underground for more than two months are finally being rescued this week, but awkwardness awaits at the surface: One miner's wife met his secret girlfriend at the disaster site, and the women are now competing over who gets first hug." U.K. Telegraph

Jessica: "I'm so glad Grover is making a comeback." Boing Boing

Lea: "I'm not sure how I got here, but I was reading the following … Did Dinosaurs have Penises?" About

Anna: "You know what might almost get me to watch football? If more players take Lions quarterback Alphonso Smith's lead and do the 'Carlton dance' after scoring a point! I mean a touchdown. Whatever." Deadspin

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